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Animal Orders

All animal orders and transfers must be approved by CMR prior to being initiated. The information below will help you begin this process. Please note that the species, stock, strain and genetic status of the animal being ordered must be covered under your current, IACUC approved animal use protocol.


CMR maintains a list of approved vendors for each species. Animals acquired from approved vendors can be ordered and received according to established procedures.  Investigators who wish to order animals, please complete the animal requisition form found here: Animal Requisition form.   A confirmation email will be sent once the order is placed.  Once the order is placed, it is entered in the Animal Ordering System which sends notification to the Facility to provide space for the arrival of the animals.  In addition, the animal usage is recorded and deducted from the allowed number of animals associated with the protocol. 

Animals from non-approved sources may be subject to special quarantine, isolation and/or testing procedures and may not be allowed in certain facilities.  Investigators wishing to have a vendor included as an approved vendor should contact the Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Sumanth Putta at

Approved vendor status is determined by the CMR veterinary staff based on some or all of the following criteria:
- Quality control and testing results provided by the vendor
- Vendor Reputation
- Facility tours by CMR
- Test data available from other institutions

If you have questions about animal orders, please direct your inquiries to: 

Campus Building Contact Name Contact E-mail Contact Phone
South Campus Bartlett, BME, Gordon Rd., Nelson, Psychology, Smithers  Matthew Keller 848-445-7332
CHI/CINJ, LCR,  RT, SPH Lorin Hanna 848-445-7330
North Campus MSB, CC, Aidekman, Boyden, Smith Hall Gabriela Alulema 973-972-9395


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