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Frequently Asked Questions - IVRS


Q.Does Rutgers have any rights to our intellectual properties for research performed by IVRS?

A. No. IVRS conducts research based on fee-for-service. All right, title to the results, data or materials generated  shall be the property of Client.

Q. Who will do the in vivo research?

A. The animal research will be done by IVRS highly experience and qualified technical staff and veterinarians

Q. How does IVRS protect the research confidentiality?

A.A nondisclosure agreement will be executed before research agreement to protect the Client Intellectual properties (IP).

Q. Is animal research performed humanely at Rutgers?

A. All experiments are done humanely under an approved IACUC (Institutional animal care and use committee) protocol and performed by caring staff 

Q. What are the standards of animal care and use at Rutgers? 

A. Rutgers follow the highest standards of animal care and use. Rutgers is an AAALACi accredited institution, has OLAW Assurance and is USDA registered.

Q. What types of animal research can be done at Rutgers?

A. A broad range of in vivo research can be done at Rutgers such as translational, feasibility and animal model development. 

Q.  Can IVRS assist investigators in selecting animal models and/or experimental design?

A. Yes. IVRS has staff with years of experience in broad range of animal research with various animal species. Faculty with expertise in cutting edge in vivo research are readily available for consultation

Q. What is the cost of animal research at Rutgers?

A. It depends upon the type of animal research. Rutgers offers timely and competitive prices.

Q. Can we house our research animals at Rutgers animal facility but use our technical staff to perform in vivo research?

A. Yes. You can have a service contract with IVRS for animal housing and engaged your technical staff to perform animal research. However, there is billable daily minimum of 20 cages of animals.

Q. What types of animal related research services are available at Rutgers? 

A. Rutgers offers one one-stop-shop services. These include core facilities for animal imaging, histopathology, Genome Editing, gnotobiotic and molecular analysis services.

Q. What are the types of animal facilities at Rutgers?

A. Rutgers has animal facility suitable for BSL3, zebrafish, gnotobiotic studies for multiple animal species including farm animals.

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