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Aquatic Core Facility

About Zebrafish Facility and Services

Zebrafish are known to be an excellent vertebrate model system for biological studies such as genetics and toxicology. CMR hosts a Core Zebrafish Facility located at Nelson Biological laboratories consisting of six Aquaneering racks.  We also house one Tecniplast rack in Smithers Hall for Quarantine imports. Principal Investigators can house their research fish while CMR staff provide exemplary daily husbandry care from larval stage through adulthood.  Our goal is healthy and productive research fish for your studies!

Technical services are available to assist with research projects.  Our Veterinary Technologist, Katie Flaherty can perform or train lab personnel for the following services:

  • Breeding and embryo collection
  • One-cell stage injection
  • Fin-clipping
  • Fluorescent screening (lab provides access to microscope)
  • Euthanasia
  • Tank Set-ups

Researchers can contact Katie Flaherty at: