Veterinary Technical Services

Rutgers employs a team of skilled animal care technicians, veterinary technicians and veterinarians who provide medical care to animals and training and technical services for scientists and research staff. Veterinary technicians implement and coordinate animal imports and exports to/from non-commercial sources, quarantine, preventative medicine programs, and support the veterinarians in clinical care and enrichment of animals.  The veterinary technician team can also provide, a range of veterinary drugs and supplies for research use: antibiotics, analgesics, anesthetics, and other supplies needed for animal care and use.  CMR provides an anesthetic machine rental service and coordinates gas anesthesia machine certification.

Members of the veterinary technician team are available weekdays, and on a limited basis on weekends and holidays. 

For more information, contact the veterinary technician office:

New Brunswick/Piscataway: 848-445-4168 or 732-235-8237 

Newark: 973- 972 8141  

Technical Support Services
Pricing for services is billed to the nearest quarter-hour, fee-for service or gratis. For pricing details contact the business office at 848-445-4168 or the veterinary technicians as listed above. 
These include:

- Anesthesia support
- Animal shipments to/from other universities/institutions or non-approved vendors
- Equipment rentals – anesthesia machine, surgical monitoring equipment, ultrasound machine
- Internal animal transfers between Rutgers facilities, campuses

For all inquiries contact:


Technical services (not an inclusive list):

  •  Breeding and weaning
  •  Animal identification – ear tag, ear notch, tattoo, microchip
  •  Tissue collection for genotyping
  •  Sample collection – blood, urine, other tissues
  •  Dosing
  •  Medical treatments
  •  Drug and supplies ordering
  •  Euthanasia
  •  Training on animal handling, procedures, anesthesia, aseptic surgical techniques, and other as required

Other Rutgers Services:

To Report Emergencies:

  • For sick animals – during work hours call the veterinarian technician office, out of hours contact the facility supervisor on call.
  • For facility related problems – call the facility supervisor for the facility/area.
  • Non-animal emergencies out of business hours – call the Rutgers police.