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Training and Development

To ensure we meet expectations of our internal and external clientale, our team members go through continuing training to improve skills and many of these trainings are also available to our clients for their professional devleopment.

We offer hand on training in but not limited to:

Animal handling 

Rodent blood collection: submandibular (facial), sublingual, saphenous, tail vein, retro-orbital, cardiac puncture.  Also blood collection from non-rodent species

Routine substance administration: oral gavage (PO), intra-peritoneal (IP), subcutaneous (SC), intramuscular (IM), intravenous (IV), intradermal (ID)

Advanced substance administration: intrathecal (IT), intranasal (IN), intra-orbital (IO), intraventricular (ICV), sub-renal capsule, intra-mammary gland, intra-cardiac injections

Advanced techniques: cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tap, cisterna magna injection

Survival surgeries: Rodent Jugular vein cannulation (JVC), carotid artery cannulation (CAC), femoral vein cannulation (FVC)


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