Training and Education

New Brunswick/Piscataway/Camden IACUC Training

In order to be in compliance with federal regulations and accreditation requirements, the Rutgers Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has implemented a required education program. Federal regulations and policy require that Rutgers assure that all “personnel conducting procedures on the species maintained or studied will be appropriately qualified and trained in those procedures” and that such personnel receive “training or instruction in the humane practice of animal care and use, as well as training or instruction in research or testing methods that minimize the number of animals required to obtain valid results and minimize animal distress”.

All personnel (faculty, technicians, post-docs, students, graduate students, and others) who are listed as working with animals on a protocol are required to complete training prior to working with animals. Undergraduate students who work on special animal projects must also take the course.

The IACUC will not issue a Notice of Approval for a protocol unless the PI has current Occupational Health Approval for working with animals . No protocol personnel may engage in the conduct of the study until clearance has been issued by Occupational Health . Please remember that individuals are not authorized to work with animals until they receive approval from Occupational Health . This is a condition of all protocol approvals.

Required Training For All New Staff

  1. Complete Online Orientation Training Class Using the eIACUC Website. For your convenience, the course is now offered online. Users can access the course via the Orientation Training link on the Protocol Submission Website at Help and instructions for the online course are available under the Orientation Training Help link on the Protocol Submission Website. Please note that in order to receive credit for the course, users must view every page of every lesson and pass the final exam. A completion date will be given once the user views every page of every lesson and passes the final exam. There will be no expiration date given at this time. However, this policy may be modified, should requirements change.
  2. Complete a Facility Tour: To schedule a New Employee tour of our facility, please contact Comparative Medicine Resources (CMR) at 848-445-4168.

Optional Additional Training

  1. Attend an Elective Seminar or Workshop: These courses offer an in-person instructional course as an alternative which also fulfills the Animal Orientation Training requirement. For information on the in-person course, as well as additional (voluntary) courses offered, please contact Comparative Medicine Resources (CMR) for assistance at 848-445-4168.

Newark IACUC Training

All new researchers must complete the in person access training. and a facility tour before they can start working with animals.

For Newark IACUC Training Inquires, please contact the Comparative Medicine Resources (CMR) department.