Gnotobiotic Core

Managed by CMR, the gnotobiotic core at Rutgers University provides investigators with the ability to work with germ-free and SPF mice.  Currently the core maintains a germ-free colony with C57BL/6 GF mice.    Our germ-free mice are completely free of exogenous, bacterial, fungal and viral microorganisms. To ensure they remain free of all exogenous microbes, our germ-free mice are housed in isolator cages and are routinely monitored.   These mice are ideal for the study of the microbiome.    The gnotobiotic core also provides investigators with a laboratory that contains a biosafety cabinet and incubator for experimental needs.


We have four Allentown Sealed Positive Pressure racks that house up to 48 cages each. These cages enable a germ-free environment at the cage level. The isolator cages are great for experiments as each cage provides its own individual isolated clean micro-environment.  Each cage has its own supply of clean air which is filtered through a HEPA filter.  The sterility of each cage is tested every two weeks.  We [will soon have] standard isolators for larger mouse colonies and breeding.

Technical Services

Our gnotobiotic core provides following types of technical services to researchers as per their protocol needs:

- colony management and breeding of germ-free and SPF mice

- injections

- bleeding

- identification

- fecal collection

- tissue collection for genotyping

- sterility testing

- sterile supplies for experiments

- health monitoring

- animal husbandry services

Professional Services

Training is available in following two areas:

- hands on training using the isolator cages, isolators, and biosafety cabinet

- hands on training tailored to the lab's needs

Whom to contact

If you have questions regarding above listed technical or professional services, please contact :Amanda Bumber at or call  973-972-9231

For overall facility inquiries, including housing and pricing, please contact: Kay Long at or call 973-972-4331