Training - New Personnel

 All animal users, from Principal Investigators to technicians must first register on the ACFC Protocol Submission website using their NetID.

  • ACFC Protocol Submission Website 
  • On the ACFC website, click on the User Menu, then "Orientation Training"
  • Complete the course "Orientation to Animal Care and Use at Rutgers"
  • Print your certificate and send a copy to  (Newark CMR Info)
  • Schedule your facility tour (Newark)
  • (New) Staff, or volunteers must complete a profile and submit an Animal Health Questionaire(ACHQ) annually (  (Newark)



The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee has determined that in order to be in compliance with Federal regulations and accreditation requirements, a required education program must be completed. The course linked below (approximately one and a half hours) is based largely on the federal Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare’s requirement of having all staff exposed to training of regulatory requirements for animal welfare with occupational and safety   considerations. All personnel new to working with animals at Rutgers (faculty, staff, technicians, post docs, students, grad students, and others who are listed as working with animals on the protocols) are required to take the course. 

Orientation To Animal Care And Use At Rutgers (Online)

Completion of this training is a prerequisite for all other courses listed below:


​​ Rodent Handling Workshop


  • Orientation to animal care and use training
  • Participation in the Occupational Health Program for Animal Workers

         Location - RWJMS Research Tower Room B09, Piscataway

→ ​​Basics of Aseptic Technique for Rodent Surgery
​​ Rodent Euthanasia 


  • Orientation to animal care and use training
  • Occupational Health Program for Animal Workers   

       Location - RWJMS Research Tower Room B09, Piscataway

​​ Individual or group training sessions on specific techniques are also available

                       **Advanced Registration Required for all elective training**



Contact Mariel Nigro 


Phone:  New Brunswick 848-445-4168   

             Piscataway 848-445-7396 


Class size is limited, so sign up early.



  • The staff member must be listed on an approved protocol.  If not, an addition of personnel form must be completed at. Click here to complete the Newark IACUC form.  If you have any questions, please contact the Newark IACUC Office for assistance (


​​​ Animal Handling & Training Classes
Workshops Class Descriptions 2013 

Useful Forms for Newark CMR

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