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Animal Orders, Shipments and Forms

All animal orders and transfers must be approved by CMR prior to being initiated. The information below will help you begin this process. Please note that the species, stock, strain and genetic status of the animal being ordered must be covered under your current, IACUC approved animal use protocol.


CMR maintains a list of approved vendors for each species. Animals acquired from approved vendors can be ordered and received according to established procedures.  Investigators who wish to order animals*, please complete the animal requisition form found here: Animal Requisition form (this form is to be used for all Newark and legacy UMDNJ in NB only).   A confirmation email will be send once the order is placed.  

Animals from non-approved sources may be subject to special quarantine, isolation and/or testing procedures and may not be allowed in certain facilities.  Investigators wishing to have a vendor included as an approved vendor should contact the Director of Animal Care.

Approved vendor status is determined by the CMR veterinary staff based on some or all of the following criteria:
- Quality control and testing results provided by the vendor
- Vendor Reputation
- Facility tours by CMR
- Test data available from other institutions

If you have questions about animal orders, please direct your inquiries to: 

For RWJ New Brunswick/Piscataway campus –email:

For NJMS research facilities in Newark – email:

*Legacy Rutgers facilities: Investigators who order their own animals should enter order on the ACFC website (Order Notification).   If animals arrive unscheduled, a separate charge for handling will be incurred.


  •  Internal Transfers:

Investigators wishing to transfer animals to other facilities or colleagues within the Rutgers community must initiate an internal transfer.  Internal transfers are coordinated through the supervisors.  Please contact your area supervisor to schedule a transfer.  Depending on the source building and health status, quarantine may be required for internal transfers.

  •  External Transfers:

To initiate the transfer of animals to facilities or colleagues at external institutions, please contact CMR.  This process varies significantly based on the requirements of the receiving institution and time of year. Investigators should leave ample lead time and take prevailing weather conditions into account prior to initiating animal transfers. 

For questions regarding animal shipping or transfer of animals please direct your inquires to:

New Brunswick/Piscataway campus:

Newark campus: 

Animal Shipment Form 2017 - Newark only
Animal Requisition Form 2018 - Newark and Legacy UMDNJ